Activities for disabled

1.  Activities for Disabled

1.1   Centre for disabled

     RDT has understood the emerging need to support disabled persons in all its working villages in 2022-2023. The team has visited 10 villages and identified 58 disabled persons from these villages. RDT supports these families with rice and provision. The novel step has been taken to start centres for Disabled in the villages.


Conducting Base line survey

Mobilizing government schemes

Treatment with the support of special educators

Supporting the families with provision and rice

Providing wheel chair and dresses

Conducted games and parents meeting

Formation of committees in the villages

Conducting Awareness programs

Educational materials to the children who go to schools

Providing Counselling to the beneficiaries

Impact of the program

Survey was conducted effectively

Centres for disabled were started

Parents have been supported to go for employment

Guidelines to avail government schemes were informed