Livelihood Activities

Livelihood Activities

Providing safe Drinking water

Safe drinking water is essential for all the people in the society. Safe water supply is the backbone of a healthy economy according to UNICEF. People from the disadvantaged community, walk for a long distance to fetch drinking water. All children have the right to clean water and basic sanitation as stated in the convention on the Rights of a child. RDT ensures that people have easy access to drinking water. RDT erects Bore well and hand Pump in the villages which have no access to it. After the establishment, it is handed over to the local panchayat for further maintenance. We also construct water tank along with motor. We also arrange street pipes for easy access. RDT makes this infrastructure in 10 villages annually.

Construction of Houses and Renovation

Housing is one of the basic needs of the citizens in every country. People from the vulnerable conditions find it very hard to construct and renovate their houses. People face a lot of challenges during rainy season, if they have a house in poor conditions. RDT constructs good houses, if people have a land and activities are propelled to renovate the damaged houses. Every year RDT constructs 10 houses.

RDT also constructs toilets to promote sanitation. More than 600 toilets have been constructed by RDT in the past. RDT continues this activity in collaboration with the people in the community.

Savings and micro credit activities have promoted among them and capacity development trainings are conducted periodically to strengthen the SHGs.

During the initial period we were doing economical activities for sustainable development of the rural women by providing Milch animals, fishing nets, Boats, small savings, skill training and credit support for self-employment etc.

Now we are doing welfare activities to the needy people in the rural and for social protection of migrant workers and people evicted from Chennai and resettled in places skirted in our target area. Majority of the migrants come from Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Chhattisgarh. They have migrated to Tamilnadu in search of employment in the industrial construction at Chennai and other surroundings.

We are providing quality education to the migrant children in their own language of Telugu, Orissa and Hindi .At present 15 special schools are established in different cluster places. An average of 307 children in the age group of 5to 14 are benefited. All the teachers are qualified in the Telugu, Orissa and Hindi, and having 3-4 years of experience, staying in the community.

Uniform, Dress materials, Books, Study materials to the students are issued at free of cost. More than 1500 children were educated and main streamed for regular studies from 8th standard at their native. About 50 of our old students have gone for higher education i.e. ITI, Accountancy and secured good employment position at present. Their contacts are established with us and supporting the present students now and then.


Awareness Generation Program is conducted to create awareness on various basic subjects

Women SHGs are promoted to empower young women and adolescent girls and resource supports are mobilized to start sustainable income generation activities.

Child Labor and Bonded children are relieved and enrolled in the special schools established by RDT.

Community integration activities are undertaken by our SHG and the community to bring harmony and peace among different religion and caste.

15 Special schools and 5 Child Care Centers have been established by RDT in its own resources

Govt School in Egattur has been renovated and provided all necessary infrastructural facilities by RDT.

10 Balwadies were constructed by RDT from its own resources and handed over to the Government.

More than 600 toilets have been constructed by RDT and contributed to the community for their occupation.

Kitchen Garden has been promoted in kitchen back yard and roof top of the SHG members

Deepening of Agricultural wells which were filled with sand and hazards during the rainy season.

Common bonds in Melayur, Kattur, Pandithamedu, Alathur villages were cleaned with the community participation and support. One from each family was deputed to do free manual service and cleaned the bonds.


Egattur, Navallur, Edargundram, and Kalipattur Government schools are run with in sufficient infrastructure, building facilities teaching materials and teachers. When these were brought to our notice RDT extended its full support to modify the buildings, and increased infrastructure facilities, Latrine and Drinking water etc.

75 adolescent girls and young women were provided free training in Tailoring and upgraded their skill capacity. This Trainings was supported with grant assistance of TAHDCO and DRDA

Recognizing our development activities to obtain house ownerships pattas to 17 Irullar tribes, they have named "RDT Nagar" to their settlements.

With the support of the well-wishers and volunteers RDT has supported 3000 Tribal, Dalits, Gypsies, differently abled, migrants, Minorities, backward community and disadvantaged sections in the society. All the families have been given rice, Dal, Oil, Provision, Bedsheets, Masks and other relief materi.

60 children have been given bicycles in Thiruporur Block. All the children were from tribal community.

1500 families have been given Tarpaulin to repair the roof of their huts.

20 Mobile phones for attending online classes have been given to the children.

Two tablets has been given to attend online classes and to view the educational videos

5 villages have been given bore well during the period of Covid-19 lock down

As we are promoting kitchen garden, we provide fruit saplings to the children