Tuition Centre - Alathur, Venkileri, Ambedkar Nagar


    Village education center is established to provide tuition to the children who lack educational facilities and guiding them to get engaged in sport activities. Children who study from Kinder Garden to IX standard are coming to these centers for their active learning. This Covid-19 situation has created a gap in learning, since the schools are closed down from March 2020. This center has created an impact among the children to attend the session regularly.

    This center was started on 27th January 2021 at Alathur and 1st March 2021 at Venkileri, Thiruporur Block. There are 30 children (14 boys and 6 Girls) in Alathur and 24 Children(10 Boys and 14 Girls) at Venkileri.

     This center is run for 6 days in a week except Sunday. Children are guided skillfully to learn their subjects. Ms.Puvisya Nivetha and Sandra Devi are working as teacher and volunteer respectively in Alathur and Ms.Sruthika at Venkileri. All of them have completed their graduation in science. RDT has provided Black Board, Long size notebook, Chalk pieces, pen and pencil for the children. They are encouraged to play games after their evening study, which boosts their regular coming. Children who come to the center belong to the poor families where their fathers are daily wage earners.

     The study center coaches them in their subjects. Children are divided in three groups in view of educating them skillfully. Children are learning their subjects enthusiastically and respond to the tuition teachers effectively. Children exert efforts and feel happy to come to the study centers. This activity in the village is new and worth spending their time. Parents appreciate and welcome this activity and support the organizers to run the centers usefully. Villagers also feel happy that their new generation is professionally guided to achieve their life goals in future.

    Mainstreaming and monitoring girl education, employment opportunities for parents, child laborers and drop outs

    There are 25 children coming to attend..


    Village Education Centre at Amoor is run for supporting the children who do not go to schools due to the curfew announced by the Government. This is located in Thirukazhukuntram road near Thiruporur. Children were not engaged through online mode, since they hail from poor background and not in access to mobile phones. RDT members found that their precious time was simply wasted. It was decided to take steps for optimizing their resources constructively. It was decided to start village education center which can really motivate the children to be on the educational trajectory.

    Having seen the initiative of RDT 25 Children opted to attend the coaching. They also promised that they would be regular. RDT has appointed a teacher, who hails from that village in order to help them at any time. She is a graduate and qualified for teaching. Their doubts in the classes are clarified. Coaching classes start at 5.00P.M and ends at 7.00 p.m. RDT provides all the required educational materials, uniforms, play articles, stationery and so on. All these re provided to all the children without getting even a single pie. We provide chick pea, green grams and tea in the evening.

     Children and their parents feel that the services of RDT are highly appreciative and really bringing a change in the minds of children. Children also gain academic skills through this continuums training.