Children’s DayCare Centre - Chemmenchery Thoppu


    This centre is situated in Chemmencherry thope, which is on the Old Mahabalipuram road, St.Thomas Mount block, Chennai District. There are 450 migrant families who have hailed from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states who work in construction sites. They do not have adequate and safe places to live and leave their children as they go for their works very early. Majority of the children are malnourished and victims for various communicable diseases. Rural Development Trust-RDT has promoted a Day Care Centre for migrant children to avail education and schooling facility as well as to experience joyful childhood during the stay in the centre.

    There are 11 boys and 8 girl children in the centre. All the festivals are commemorated in this centre and all the activities make tangible changes in the growth and development of the children. This centre is functioning in a rented building for the best interest of migrant children. Moreover, children are also provided clothes and play materials along with regular medical check-up where medicines are availed at free of cost. This has been a useful activity for the migrant population and makes positive impacts in the migrant families.