Education Centre

Special School for the migrant Children

     Special school for the migrant children was a great response to motivate the migrant children to enrol in the schools and to continue their education which was left due to migration. RDT started this activity in the year 2006. This was realized after seeing the Children of the migrant construction workers who were just roaming in the absence of their working parents, since they could do nothing, they just remained home and some of the children were accompanying their parents to the work sites. They were also exposed to excessive heat.

     All the migrant families came down to Tamilnadu since they had nothing for their livelihood. These children were not admitted in Tamil speaking schools, since they do not know Tamil language. They also do not go to English medium, as it incurs a lot of expenses and hefty fees. Some of the children became child labourers. Their academic skills were very poor. This situation was experienced by the RDT team and the immediate newer strategies to mitigate the problem were identified. The immediate response came in the concept of special school for migrant children.

     All the children who were from the ages of 6 to 14 are admitted in the special schools. They are given educational materials, stationery, uniform, school bag and play materials. Children spend time from 9.15 A,M to 4.00 P.M. They are provided lunch in varieties. RDT appoints teacher who are eligible to teach the children. Subjects are taught in their own language. RDT recruits teachers who speak the language of the children in the special school. This makes positive effect in the efforts taken by the organization. All the subjects are professionally taught and their doubts are clarified. Children become more self-confident and the progressiveness of the children are marked with their response. Computer and extracurricular activities also take place with the support of the team members. Children who complete their education in the special School are provided transfer certificate in view of continuing their higher education.