Education Programs


     The schooling and education is the change agent for any society. This is a formidable right to every person and children too. To improve this caliber Rural Development Trust - RDT is making efforts to provide education for every child particularly the Scheduled tribes and migrant children who are very vulnerable and in most disadvantaged situation in the society.

     Rural Development Trust is conducting regular schools for migrant children in their own vernacular language such as Telugu, Hindi and Odisha in mitigating this social problem. Most of the schools are functioning in and around their working sites with the support, cooperation and coordination of management team of construction sites, the local panchayat and the well-wishers of the organization. Apart from regular schooling Rural Development Trust - RDT is also running Day Care Centers for toddlers and eligible children.

     All children are provided food, school stationeries, health care support and other facilities to enjoy their regular schooling and education. Periodical counseling is also provided for the children to improve their regular schooling process with the support of parents. Through this noble intervention 352 children are directly benefiting in which boys are 171 and girls are 181. To handhold the children and guide them through proper teaching methods, 23 Teachers and Staffs are directly involved. Their services to these children are highly commendable.