Educational Activities for Children

1.  Educational Activities for Children

1.1  Day care centre by RDT

     RDT runs Day care centres for the children below 5 years of age. Children are given preschool education in the Day Care Centre. Basics for learning are taught through play way method by the teacher. We provide nutritious food to the children and this has been a good and useful activity which keeps the all the children remain in good immunity. There are Day care centres in Jeeva Nagar, Kalaignar Street and Kuppathu Kuntram. Totally 52 children benefit out of the activity in 3 Day care centres. Young parents feel happy that their children are nurtured well in a good child friendly environment. RDT also plans to start the centres in 15 places in 2023-2024.

Outcomes of the program

Children below 5 years are able to get nutritious food through day care centres

Needs were accomplished for smooth running of the centress

Children are cared in the absence of parents

Supporting Activities for Day care centres run by Government

     RDT supports Day Care Centres, which are run by the government. RDT focuses its mission in 4 Panchayats namely Alathur, Paiyanur, Thandalam and Mullipakkam. 10 centres in these panchayats have been receiving supports from RDT. Totally 204 children benefit out of the program. Government runs these day care centres but to improve the quality, RDT supports with following activities.


Food materials are provided to all the centres

Cooking utensils are given to centres in need

Nutritious flour is provided to the centres who were in access to

Games materials are provided

Celebrating functions and common festivals in the centres

Medical supports are given to the sick Children

Outcomes of the program

Facilities have been face lifted and renovated

Needs in the centres were attended to

Infrastructure has been created

1.2   Evening Tuition Centre

     Evening Tuition centres were started during the covid-19 Lock down and after the pandemic it was expanded to many villages in Chengalpet District by RDT. It covers the population of Tribal, Migrant and unorganised sectors, who were in accessible to private tutoring after the school hours. Parents often view private tutoring as an avenue for enabling their children to excel in examinations. Parents, who can afford, send their wards to paid tuition centers, where the focus is only on their subjects and scoring good marks. RDT replicated this model to learn their subjects as well as to inculcate different skills to excel in their present and future life. Parents of these children go for daily wages and they are illiterates. Children, who come to RDT tuition centers, are first generation learners.

Children attend evening tuition with warming up exercises. Children are given nutritious snacks and they are given some time for sports and games. Evening tuition is handled by teachers who have completed either under or post graduation in arts and science.

Activities in the Centres

Revising the subjects handled by class teachers in the school

Supporting the children in completing their home work

Group study to clarify their doubts

Book reading and sharing the knowledge with other students

Time is also given for sports and games

Details of Evening Tuition Centre

SL.NO NAME OF THE VILLAGE Number of Tribal Children Number of Migrant Children Number of children of Unorganized workers TOTAL NUMBER OF CHILDREN
15ORAGADAM 27--27
26VENKILERI -161026

Outcomes of the program

Children are able to revise their subjects and complete their daily home work

Subject related doubts are clarified by the tuition teacherk

Peer learning is encouraged and group study has reaped good results

1.3  Special School for Migrant Children

     RDT has found that many people were inaccessible to drinking water. People had to walk for long distance to fetch water. It was felt that arranging bore well for the families dwelling in remote villages was one of the most important services of RDT. The felt need was assessed by the volunteers and the difficulties of the people were noted down. Kind donors were approached with data of the villages for fulfilling the need. RDT was successful in identifying the generous hearts to support the needy at the right time with good intention. RDT has installed bore wells in Thirukazhukuntram, Lathur and Thiruporur blocks. People who benefited this water facility are very grateful for the activity.

Activities in the Special School

Classes from 9.30 A.M to 3.30 P.M

Conducting regular classes

Monitoring the ongoing development of the children

Encouraging the children to participate in competitions

Awareness on important themes

Outcomes of the program

Migrant children are engaged through educational activities

Children are able to learn in their mother tongue

Children are not trapped in wrong activities

Children do not become child labourers

1.4  Support to the Parentless and Single parents’ children

     RDT works with the children who have lost both the parents and a single parent. These children were nurtured by their parents before pandemic. Some of them had to lose their parents due to Covid-19 and some lost them due to chronic illness. Now they were left abandoned by their relatives. Many of the children were forced for labour at their younger age. This was brought to the attention and RDT came forward to support them. RDT supports these children according to their need. Totally 30 children were supported in 2022-2023.


Enrolling the children in the schools

Paying tuition fees, school fees and College fees

Providing dresses to them

Supporting them with subject Guides, exam fees

Supporting them with food materials

Supporting the children to get all their educational materials

Outcomes of the Program

Beneficiaries could continue their education

Better concentration on their studies

Lift in their standard of living

They could lead a peaceful life

1.5  Special Coaching classes for the children who were dropped in Board Examinations

     Board Examination conducted by the state is one of the most requirements for the children who step into the door of higher education. Children from rural villages are unable to cope with the heavy syllabus and they fail in certain subjects like English and Mathematics. RDT found it very meaningful to deal with these children. Once they complete this examination, they become eligible to enter in to higher education. Thinking this in mind, RDT has identified 60 children and they were given counselling. They also assessed their eagerness to complete their degree course. All the children who have accepted to complete their school education come to RDT training centre and equip themselves to appear for the board examination. 43 students enrolled to undergo rigorous training in 2022-2023. They are guided to appear for the board examination

Activities for the coaching

Special classes during holidays

Self study at Home

Supporting the students with text books and note books

Financial support in paying their examination fees

Outcomes of the program

Children who became drop outs cleared their subjects

Students were enabled to continue their higher education

They could elevate their life through this support

1.6  Supporting the students financially to meet their academic fees

     RDT has been supporting students from poor economic situations. The organization selected 35 students in 2022-2023. Of them, 13 students have been supported in paying their academic fees. The other students were supported with Bag, Educational materials, stationery and others. These students are encouraged to attend computer classes and tailoring classes conducted in the main office. Totally Rs.1, 20, 000 was supported for the students from the poor economic status.

Outcomes of the activity

Students who had a dream could realize their dream

It was a great relief to pay their fees

Students were able to be motivated to continue their education in the same colleges

1.7  Supporting Government Schools in improving their infrastructure

     Children from our working villages are studying in Government schools. These schools do not have all the facilities. RDT took steps to create infrastructure so that our children learn their subjects in a good environment. Schools functioning in Pandithamedu, Alathur, Thandalam, Paiyanur, Rayamanagalam, Siruthavur, Eri Ethir Vayil, Sembakkam, Venbedu and Hanumanthapuram were selected for our intervention. Team members did a baseline survey and conducted focussed group discussion with Heads of the educational institutions. Discussion was held in the office. Preparatory works were done and proper implementation was done in the schools.


Play and sport materials are given

Appointing teachers in the schools where teachers are in need

Conducting science exhibitions in the schools

Providing computer training

Celebrating the important festivals

Providing masks and sanitizers to the students

Bore well is being established for drinking water

Constructing toilets in the schools

Outcomes of the program

Children could engage themselves in different games and sports

Teacher’s appointment made the children attend school regularly

Students have been educated in computer literacy

Children felt happy when they celebrated their birthdays

Basic infrastructure created a decent atmosphere in the schools

1.8  Distribution of Educational Materials and Food

     RDT distributes educational materials once in two months. All the children in the tuition centres, activity centres, Students in the computer training, College students, Adolescents and children in summer camp receive the educational materials and use them for their learning. Children are given Note books, Table books, Pen, Pencils, eraser, Sharpener, Scales, Slates, sketch pens, colour pencils and so on. These materials are given through respective teachers now and then. The needs of the children are conveyed to the staff members and they are accomplished immediately. Children do not hesitate as they need any educational material in their school education. All the needs are attended like responsible parents in all the places wherever we make interventions. This is a great relief for the parents, because their burden has been reduced because of the support done by RDT.

We provide food to Tribal children, elders and children in tuition centres. We provide food when there are functions and celebrations. RDT also gives sweets, cakes, bananas, Butter milk, juices and biscuits to the children occasionally. This activity creates a festive mood. This is mainly given during the time of examinations too.

Outcomes of the programs

Children could fulfil all their educational needs

The burden of the parents is reduced maximum