Children’s School- Kunnavakkam


    Kunnavakkam is situated near Chengalpet.. There are 60 families migrated from Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Special Education center has been initiated and 19 children benefit out of the activity.

    Therkupattu is located near Chengalpattu. There are 40 families residing in the village, who have migrated from Odisha. There are 17 children in the special school. They all live in temporary sheds which were constructed by the company. All these parents are completely engaged in daily wages.

    Both the schools are run by the Labour department of the state Government. The school buildings have been given by the private company. Educational materials are distributed by the Government. RDT provides uniform, rice, dal and other relief materials. We also provide text book, table chair and stationery items. Children who learn here feel that they have all the facilities to learn their subjects. Qualified teachers who know their local language handle the subjects. Children are also given art and craft training, which develop their aesthetic sense.