Programs for Girls and Women


1.1   Computer Training

     RDT conducts computer class from 9.00 A.M to 4.00P.M. Ms.Jeyabharathi and Lavanya are the tutors in the centre. This class is conducted on all the six working days in a week. Children from different categories will be benefiting more and they are employed in decent jobs. This intervention creates changes in the life style of the people. This is conducted at free of cost. Two batches of students learn computer in the office.

Outcomes of the program

Children and Adolescents who were in access to computer have been acquainted now

Many first generation learners have been educated in computer education

Students could get the computer skill at free of cost

Children are familiar with computer literacy

1.2  Tailoring program

     Tailoring course is one of the key activities of RDT. This program was started in view of providing employment opportunities to the unemployed women and to lead a self reliant life. Deserted women, widows, destitute, women who are from the low income groups attend the free training without any fee. The duration for the training is 3 months. There are two batches from 9.30 A.M to 12.00 P.M and 1.30 P.M to 4.00 P.M. Professional trainers are appointed to provide the training. Every batch consists of 15 women. RDT has provided the training for 120 for the past two years. RDT has also applied to the Government to get sewing machine at free of cost.

Outcomes of the program

Women who remained at home became occupied through tailoring skill

Some women could be employed in export companies

Some could start this in their houses to bring income to the family

Some of them reduce their expenses in stitching the clothes

1.3  Program for Adolescents

     RDT makes intervention in Jeeva Nagar- Alathur, Venkileri, School Street- Alathur, Siruthavur and Kottamedu. Adolescent girls are collected and they are given orientation program on different topics. Monthly meetings are conducted where the health nurse as resource person trains the targeted group in protecting their physical and mental health. Hygienic practices are motivated. All our trainings make them come out of the shackles of their living. They become bold to get their basic needs too. Adolescent girls from Venkileri wrote a petition to repair their village roads. They gave petition to the Block development Officer, who is responsible for infrastructure. Our trainings enabled the adolescents and they have come as resource persons to the neighbouring villages.

Outcomes of the program

Girls come out of the house to learn computer course

Girls have become bold to go to Government offices in order to avail facilities in the villages

1.4  Domestic workers

     Some of our people in our working villages go for domestic work. We know that this work does not have a fixed salary. They are ineligible for holidays. When they take leave during their ill health their salaries are cut. Most of the women are exposed to sexual torture too. They wash the vessels and clean the houses. Some of them work as baby sitters and care the elders too. Their work is never considered and given decent salary. There are organizations, which work for the rights of domestic works. RDT in collaboration with those organizations, help the domestic workers to enrol in the welfare board. Various activities to empower these domestic workers are exerted.