Children’s DayCare Centre - Pudupakkam

Children’s DayCare Centre - Pudupakkam Village (Migrant construction workers children’s)

    Puthupakkam is a village which is 6 kilometers away from Kelambakkam, Kancheepuram District. There are 900 families who belong to schedule castes and Scheduled Tribes, Backward and Most backward communities. This village has a school which is Tribal welfare school. There are more than 75 construction sites in and around this village.

    ISHA HOMES construction site has taken a project to construct apartments in this village. This apartment is just behind of the Anjaneyar Temple at Puthuipakkam. More than 3000 families have migrated from Andhra Pradesh, Odisha,Chattisgarh and Tamilnadu to work here. RDT was happy to hear that they were longing for a school. This eagerness was not kept in pending and immediate steps were taken to open the school without any delay. All the concern authorities were well informed of the opening of the school at Puthupakkam.

    RDT takes pleasure to journey with migrant children who were denied provision of education. They would be illuminated with light of knowledge and their potentials would be actualized in coming days to fine tune their academic and cultural skills.

    It was promised that all the children who attend School would be given two sets of uniform. Children have access to safe drinking water, toilet facility and spacious kitchen. Cleanliness would be maintained and children would be guided to follow health tips and rules. RDT has decided to conduct health camps in the construction site to promote health and hygiene. Regular attendance and all the registers related to school would be maintained to keep the quality and the maximum standard. There are 23 children who get their education in the special school.