Skill Development for Children

1.  Skill Development for Children

1.1   Summer Camp

     Summer camp is organized every May month in the year. Children waste their time during summer vacation. Summer camp is organized to engage the children to spend their time usefully. Various activities are planned to occupy the children in the summer. These activities are entirely different from the activities done during their academic year.


Making greetings cards

Art and craft making

Conducting Talent expo

Conducting music and dance classes

Teaching rhymes and action songs

Learning through games

Painting and providing writing materials including colour pencils and sketch pens

Computer training and English grammar

Exhibiting demos for subjects

Conducting various competitions like essay writing oratory and verses writing and giving prizes

Outcomes of the program

Children learn a new skill through summer camp

Children spend useful holidays

Children are enhanced in their talents

Children could identify their latent skills

Children feel proud of their skills

1.2   Distribution of materials for Sports and Games

     RDT focuses its attention to develop the physique of the children. Sport and play materials are given to all tuition centres to develop physical health. These materials have been given in view of engaging the children through different types of games. Children who come to tuition centre have beaks in between and they are asked to play a game. This energizes them to pay attention to their subjects.

     Two Girls namely Parvathi and Lavanya from Alathur were given bicycles. They had to walk 3 kilometres every day. These children were from our tuition centres. With the financial support of RDT they were given bicycles. Each cost Rs.6000. It was a great support rendered to them. Now they are able to travel in a peaceful manner. These two girls are first generation learners.


Children get time for physical exercises

Children feel energetic after the games to concentrate well

They become skilled in sports and games

1.3   Formation of Skills

     Children need to develop their knowledge through various sources. RDT initiated Library to improve reading skill among children. This should be instilled as habit among growing children. This helps them to broaden their knowledge as well as they can gain confidence in their general knowledge. Leaders are readers. There are evidences that people who have read more number of books have emerged as leaders in history.

     All the tuition centres take efforts regarding this activity. Children also welcome this activity and responds well. RDT procures number of books and makes the children read them too. Books are circulated among children and they are encouraged to read more. This practice gives them confidence and they also develop their knowledge.

     RDT initiated dancing Skill through dance class for the children from January 2023. Children love to practice Bharathanatyam, which is one among the traditional arts. This class continues from the day we started. There were 15 children in the beginning. Now 20 girls are attending the class. This class is being conducted from 3 P.M to 5 P.M. Children who attend these classes build confidence and they lose their stage fear gradually. RDT also plans for the stage programs with these children.

     RDT conducts competitions and develops the skills. It celebrates all the common festivals and important National and International days. Children are able to exhibit their talents through these celebrations.

Outcomes of the program

Children develop their general knowledge

The eagerness to read books has been generated

Knowledge sharing has become part of life

Disseminating knowledge takes a pivotal role in the tuition centres

Children will perform the dancing skill in their villages

Children got rid of stage fear

Children are enthusiastic in learning this art through dance

Children become competitive and develop their skills