Children’s DayCare Centre - Thalambur

Children’s DayCare Centre - Thalambur Village (Migrant construction workers children’s)

    Day Care center at Thalampur is located on the Old Mahabalipuam road, Thiruporur Block, Kanchipuram District. There are 300 Telugu Construction workers along with their families who have migrated from Andhra Pradesh. As the parents are engaged in construction work throughout the day, their children are left uncared. There is no Child care center, run by the state government in the area, which could provide preschool education and nutritious food. Children are exposed to scorching sun and they are deprived of all the basic needs. They are prone to have more communicable diseases, since the environment is not conducive for living.

    RDT initiated a Day Care center in this area in view of supporting the migrant children as it is the emerging need of the hour. There are 15 children who belong to below 5 years of age. They are given educational materials and good food in the center. Medical tests and treatment are given to the children who get their education in the center. Parents of the children are highly relieved as their children are very safe and they are completely engaged in productive activities.