Tuition Centers for the Children with Poor Socio Economic Background

Tuition Centers for the Children with poor socio Economic background

Tuition center was established in the year 2019 when children could not attend regular classes during the Lock down announced due to Covid-19. The main aim of this tuition centre is to provide special classes and guide the children to achieve their dream in life. This program covered the children from the age of 5 years to 15 years. This Covid-19 situation has created a gap in learning, since the schools were closed down from March 2020. This center is functioning for all the days in a week except Sunday. Children are given special training on computer and crafts on Sundays. Yoga Classes are also conducted on Sundays. This centre functions from 4.30 P.M to 7.00 P.M. Children are guided skillfully to learn their subjects. This tuition is facilitated by qualified teachers in the respective villages. RDT has provided Black Board, Long size notebook, Chalk pieces, pen and pencil for the children. They are encouraged to play games after their evening study, which boosts their regular coming. Children who come to the center in every village belong to the poor families where their fathers are daily wage earners. Children are divided in three groups in view of educating them skillfully. Children are learning their subjects enthusiastically and respond to the tuition teachers effectively. Children exert efforts and feel happy to come to the tuition centers. Parents appreciate and welcome this activity and support the organizers to run the centers regularly. Villagers also feel happy that their new generation is professionally guided to achieve their life goals in future.

Apart from the regular classes, RDT also conducts special classes on Tamil Grammar, English, Mathematics and Computer. Skilled and specialized teachers are invited to provide special training to the children. There are 30 tuition centers for the children of daily wage earners. Children are encouraged to take part in competitions. Special attention to participate in the co curricular activities is given in the centers.

Children are able to concentrate on their studies. The additional coaching classes help them study better. Parents feel happy that their children are not wasting their precious time on unwanted activities. Children increase their focus and perform better when they go back to school. Every year 400 children benefit out of this program.